Jeroen van de Ven

Hi, I am a guy, a dad, mountainbiker, runner and addicted to User experience.

Just an elevator pith witch describes me the best. But lets start of with some history.

Back in the day a graduated at Sint Lucas, Boxtel as a graphic designer. Quickly I found a job a graphical designer at APS advertising, Geffen. After 2 years in 1998 I started an internet department with a collegae of mine. Just like many I learned my frontend skills by self study. Also Flash grabbed my attention. I loved the animation side of it and discovered I had some talent for it. It even got me my second job at 4Webdesign in Tilburg.

It wasn’t that hard to decide to quit my job at APS (Currently know as Canday) and move to Tilburg. When I started in Tilburg in 2006, my first responsibilities were really allround. Some design, Backend, Frontend all disciplines were part of my job description. The campaign that put our name in the books was a campaign for FrieslandCampina. For this campaign we had a collaboration with dutch singer Frans Bauer. A big star in the Netherlands who is know for his hospitality and drinking coffee. A was advertising a can of Wiener melange and Cappuccino foam which needed to poured in you coffee. The success of this campaign lead us to be working for real A-brands like, Heineken, Pathé, Texaco, Nutricia, Sanoma. Because we evolved to a company with a strong focus on Loyalty a name change was unavoidable. The company was rebranded to Magneds, attracting loyalty. With this focus my job description changed from senior frond-end specialist to senior UX designer. A job just between the worlds I most love, design and actual development. Because of my graphic designers background I developed a nice feel for design which a perfectly combined with my frontend skills.